Article I: Name

The name of this golf society shall be Chiang Mai Social Golfers.

Article II: Mission


The Chiang Mai Social Golfers (CMSG) Golf Society mission is to provide a common base and agreed upon understanding for all members as to the goals, activities, governance and overall direction of the society as follows:

  • Promote interest, enthusiasm, and support for the game of golf among Golfers in the Chiang Mai and surrounding areas.
  • Open to all persons regardless of sex, gender nationality or playing ability.
  • Open to full time and part time residents regardless of length of stay in country.
  • Promote fellowship among its members.
  • Recruit new members and provide them with the opportunity to meet new friends coupled with facilitating their assimilation into Chiang Mai’s Golfing community.
  • The primary mission of the society is to maintain the “Social” aspect of the society where members can socialize in a pleasant atmosphere among old friends and new acquaintances. It is the committee’s and all the members’ responsibility to preserve the social purpose of the society but maintain the importance of the competitive aspects and the appliance of the rules of Golf to all the golf matches held throughout the year.

Article III: Membership

Section 1               Membership shall be available to all part-time and full-time male and female residents of Chiang Mai, 18 years of age or older.

Section 2               Memberships in the society are individual and non-transferable.

Section 3               Members’ Responsibilities: Members understand the overall purpose and mission of the society and to promote and/or assist in the society achieving its objectives. Members are encouraged to play on a regular basis and contribute to the success of the society. All members should offer their assistance on a voluntary basis to ensure the success of the society.

Section 4               New members shall pay 1,500 Baht Initiation Fee. A new member joining after 31st of  October does not have to pay the annual dues for the following year.

Section 5               Annual Dues are 500 Baht (2017) due by January 1st of each year. Only paid up members can vote at the Annual meeting.

Section 6               If a member does not renew his/her membership for more than a 2-year time period, subject member will have to re-join the society by paying the 1.500 Baht Initiation Fee.

Article IV: Code of Conduct for Members

Section 1               Rules of Play

–                 Turn up for a match at least half hour before tee-off.

–                 Keep up with the pace of play, speed up if you or your group falls behind the group in front of you.

–                 Be considerate of others, no talking or noise while others playing a shot, play in turn & don’t get in front of play, no undue slow play.

–                 Know the rules and abide by them or ask for confirmation within your group.

–                 No extreme blaspheming or equipment abuse and especially no caddy abuse. If you have a problem with a caddy, change caddies.

–                 Observe all rules/regulations of the course.

–                 Members are expected to conduct themselves in manner that is respectful to the staff, the golf course, the caddies and other Members.

Examples of Misconduct:

–                 Cheating.

–                 Throwing Clubs.

–                 Excessive obscene or vulgar language.

–                 Discarding trash except into receptacles provided.

–                 Actions endangering other players or caddies.

–                 Indifference, lack of interest or disruption to the enjoyment of others.

–                 All members are to comply with Golf’s universal code of conduct and etiquette.

Warnings will be given by the Club Captain and if necessary a period of suspension could be imposed by the committee for any member not abiding to the above. If a member continually fails to comply with the code of conduct or after three suspensions, said member will be banned from the society.

Article V: Golf Events

See the CMSG Website for the Weekly Schedule.

–                 Schedule special events

–                 Annual tournament

–                 Monthly away matches

–                 Scramble matches (4) each year, one of which is the International Tournament.

Article VI: CMSG’s Committee

Section 1               Composition of the Committee

The committee consists of the following officers:


Club Captain(s) for each Weekly event venue

Secretary / Treasurer

Technical Support / Adviser

Section 2               Responsibilities of the Individual Committee Member


The President is responsible for:

–                 Representing the society on any official event.

–                 The presentations at Away Games, the Annual Tournament etc.

–                 Chair all meetings during his tenure.

–                 If he is not present at an official event he shall name a representative from the current Committee members.

–                 Shares responsibility for the updating and maintaining of the CMSG website.


The Secretary / Treasurer is responsible for:

–                 Collecting Annual Fees.

–                 Collecting initiation fees for new members.

–                 Maintains balance sheet of CMSG funds.

–                 Issues quarterly reports on CMSG funds to committee members.

–                 Maintains master membership list which includes members telephone numbers/email addresses and members paid and/or in arrears.

–                 Records minutes of Annual Meeting.

–                 Shares responsibility for the updating and maintaining of the CMSG website.

                                    Club Captain(s)

The Club Captains are responsible for:

–                 Assign players pairings/groups in weekly games.

–                 Announce tee-off times and order of group play.

–                 Collecting competition fees.

–                 Collecting score cards after matches.

–                 Determine & Announce winners & distribute winnings.

–                 Submit match report & photo to the Website.

–                 Submit scores and scorecards to the Handicap Officer.

–                 Collect annual/new member’s dues on behalf of the Secretary/Treasurer.

–                 Share responsibility for the updating and maintaining of the CMSG website.

The club captain has the final say in all ruling/issues before, during, or after a match.

All non-resolved rulings/issues will be submitted to the CMSG committee for final resolution.

Awarding of the weekly competition prizes shall be done at the discretion of the Course Captain including placing’s to receive prizes and amounts awarded. Distribution is based on the number of players and the amount awarded to each winner is calculated in a fair manner not favoring one winner over another.

                                   Technical Support / Advisor

–                 Maintains effectiveness / accuracy of all CMSG software (Handicaps / Calendars / Records etc.)

–                 Provide input to the committee on all negotiating aspects / pricing for various away game golf venues.

–                 Support / Advise / Inform committee on all computer related technical questions / problems.

Section 3               Eligibility for Membership in the Committee

All Committee members must be full time residents of Thailand and reside in Chiang Mai or Lamphun provinces.

Section 4               Role and Responsibilities of the Committee

The elected Committee will govern and execute all the activities of the society and during the course of the year. The Committee has the power to change or adapt the By Laws and to make decisions to benefit the members by majority vote.

The Committee is also responsible for coordinating and scheduling all events throughout the year including the Annual General Meeting and also the Annual Party/Awards Dinner. The Committee will meet at least once every 2 months, but preferably once a month.

Section 5               Election of Committee Members

The Committee and/or officers are elected on a yearly basis at the Annual General Meeting held in January each year. The Committee members will be elected by majority vote of those members present at the AGM including online voting.

Section 6               Code of Conduct for the Committee Members

The Code is to ensure a mechanism for establishing a healthy environment for the smooth operation and sound decision-making process utilizing a spirit of cooperation. All Members of the Committee will agree to the code of conduct at the moment of accepting their position.

–                 All Committee members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that:

–                 Reflects honesty, integrity and support for the best interests of CMSG in carrying out the day-to-day business and planning for the future of the CMSG.

–                 Has a professional and healthy regard for confidentiality.

–                 Is an unbiased participant in establishing guidelines that are sound for the entire CMSG through feedback from the member’s.

–                 Minutes of meetings will be maintained and posted for the general membership.

–                 The President, on behalf of the Committee, sets the agenda each month and welcomes the membership to take an active part in the life of the society and to make suggestions and present ideas for improvement.

–                 The Committee will respectfully hear concerns, ideas, suggestions, and will then, make a motion on an issue and vote after everyone has been heard on motions for action or inaction.

–                 Committee members should always keep in mind and in their decision making the question “What is in the best interest of CMSG and its members?”

–                 Once a vote is taken, however, Committee members are expected to support the decisions to the membership and conduct themselves as a unified body.

–                 It is not acceptable for Committee members to undermine decisions made (democratically through the voting process) by voicing to small groups or individuals that he/she is not in agreement with the decision that was made.

–                 Committee members, when made aware of an issue, should, invite that person or persons to the next meeting so their voices may be heard and if properly supported perhaps changes may be indicated to the earlier decision.

–                 Understands the Committee does not become involved in or interfere with the club captain in his/her daily duties unless his/her behavior does not conform to the rules of Golf or breaks the Code of Conduct.

Any committee member whose behavior is considered to be contrary to the Code of  Conduct shall be called upon to explain such behavior to his fellow committee members, if the committee by majority vote deems the explanation unsatisfactory then the Chairman shall call a Extraordinary General Meeting for the possible suspension of said committee member and the reelection of a replacement. Should a committee member voluntarily stand down for any reason the committee can nominate a replacement until the next AGM.

Article VII:  Eligibility Rules for All Events

Section 1               Weekly Competition

–                 Only members of CMSG can enter the Competition.

–                 Paid up members.

–                 Must have a valid handicap assigned by the CMSG handicap officer.

–                 A player has to submit at least 3 signed scorecards from a CMSG event during 12 months to keep his CMSG handicap otherwise the member will be allowed to play (Captains prerogative) in the competition and his Score will be calculated with System 36 to see if there is a difference between his previous/old handicap. If the difference is more than + / – 4 strokes the player will have to play two more rounds to establish his new handicap.

Section 2               Annual Tournament

–                 Paid up Members

–                 Established CMSG handicap

Section 3               Monthly Away Matches

–                 Paid up Members

–                 Established CMSG handicap

–                 Team or individual event to be decided prior to competition

Section 4               Scrambles

–                 Paid up Members

–                 Established CMSG handicap

–                 Ambrose Team Handicap system is utilized

Article VIII: Handicap System

Section 1               New Members Handicap: All new members must play (5) rounds and submit (5) score cards to the Handicap Officer. (3) of the played rounds must be at either Lanna or Mae Jo golf course during regular weekly events and the two remaining rounds on any 18 hole golf course signed and witnessed.

Section 2               Score cards submitted cannot be more than 4 weeks old. 9 hole courses can be included as long as 18 holes are played. CMSG accept cards from other courses for handicap purposes (subject to committee discretion).

Section 3               The Handicap system is based on the Stableford point table:

Albatross = 5 points
Eagle     = 4 points
Birdie    = 3 points
Par       = 2 points
Bogie     = 1 point

Stableford points are calculated for each hole based on the player’s handicap. The CMSG have established a Buffer Zone for the Handicap calculation:

Handicap              *Buffer Zone   + points     points -
0.00 – 04.4             35 – 36         0.1        0.1
04.5 – 11.4             34 – 36         0.1        0.2
11.5 – 18.4             33 – 36         0.1        0.3
18.5 – 26.4             32 – 36         0.1        0.4
26.5 – 40.4             31 – 36         0.2        0.5

*If you score less than the Buffer Zone points your handicap will go up and conversely if   you score more than the buffer zone your handicap will be lowered.

Section 4               Rule of Play

–                 Each player is responsible to hand over his Scorecard immediately after the round. The Marker as well as the Player has to sign the scorecard.

–                 All players are asked to always putt out on each hole. Putts cannot be given to anyone during a Stroke play/Stableford event and result in immediate disqualification if a hole is not finished by putting out. To Speed up play in Stableford events it is allowed to pick up your ball if you are unable to score on a hole.

Article IX: Annual General Meeting

Section 1               The AGM will be held every year in the month of January. The access to the AGM is restricted to paid up members only. All Members whose dues are paid for the current year have one vote.

Section 2               Members can vote online, if their membership fee is up to date and if they cannot attend the Annual General Meeting with a serious reason i.e. not being in the country or in Chiang Mai or they are ill and therefore cannot personally attend the AGM.

Section 3               All motions have to be sent to the committee in writing no later than 14 days prior to the date of the AGM. Additional Motions can be presented at the AGM under “New Business” after the election of the new Committee.

Section 4               There is no Quorum required to validate the AGM.

Section 5               The current Committee will be chairing the AGM and after all motions are voted on, a member will be elected by the present members to chair the AGM during the nomination and election process of the new Committee.

Article X: Amendment of the Charter

Section 1               Proposed amendments must be submitted to the Committee.

Section 2               The membership shall be notified of proposed amendments via the website or by e-mail no later than 14 days prior to the AGM at which the amendment will be placed before the membership for vote.

Section 3               The Charter may only be amended at the AGM or at any special General Meeting called by the Committee with due prior notice of intent to amend, by a majority vote of all active members present at the AGM and through online voting.

Article XI: By Laws

Section 1               The CMSG shall establish a set of By Laws to guide the operational governance of the organization. Topics to be covered in the By Laws may include but not be limited to the following:

–                 Tournaments and competitions

–                 Course scheduled playing days

–                 Local rules

–                 Complaints and resolutions

–                 Captain’s prerogatives

–                 Amendments to By Laws

–                 Other topics as deemed appropriate by the Committee.

Section 2               The By Laws shall be ratified by a meeting of the AGM or at any Special General Meeting.

Section 3               The By Laws may be amended at any regular or special meeting of the Committee, by a two-thirds vote of the Committee members.


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