The Chiang Mai Social Golfers (CMSG) Golf Club’s mission is to provide a common base and agreed upon understanding for all members as to the goals, activities, governance and overall direction of the club as follows:

  • Promote interest, enthusiasm, and support for the game of golf among Golfers in the Chiang Mai and surrounding areas.
  • Open to all person regardless of sex, gender or playing ability.
  • Open to full time and part time residents regardless of length of stay in country.
  • Promote fellowship among its members.
  • Recruit new members and provide them with the opportunity to meet new friends coupled with facilitating their assimilation into the Chiang Mai’s Golf community.

The primary mission of the club is to maintain the “Social” aspects of the club where members and visitors can socialize in a pleasant atmosphere among old friends and new acquaintances. It is the Committee’s and all the members responsibility to preserve the social purpose of the club but maintain the importance of the competitive aspects and the appliance of the rules of Golf to all the golf matches held throughout the year.