This is our Away Game Planner for 2017. Locations or formats are subject to change.

26.01.17 Thursday Royal Chiang Mai Stableford
23.02.17 Thursday Mae Moh Best Ball 2 man teams
23.03.17 Thursday North Hill The International
20.04.17 Thursday Gassan Legacy Stableford
25.05.17 Thursday Gold Canyon Stableford
27.06.17 Thursday Royal Chiang Mai SSSG vs. CMSG Challenge
27.07.17 Thursday Green Valley Stableford
25.08.17 Friday Gassan Khuntan Scramble
27.09.17 Wednesday Inthanon Stableford
13.10.17 Friday Maejo (Annual Tournament) Stableford
18.10.17 Wednesday Inthanon (Annual Tournament) Stableford
20.10.17 Friday North Hills (Annual Tournament) Stableford
23.10.17 Monday Lanna  (Annual Tournament) Stableford
28.10.17 Saturday Annual Party Imperial Mae Ping
21.11.17 Tuesday Santiburi (Chiang Rai Cup) Stableford
22.11.17 Wednesday Waterford (Chiang Rai Cup) Stableford
21.12.17 Thursday Hariphunchai Scramble