This is our Away Game Planner for 2017. Locations or formats are subject to change.

01-Feb-18 Royal Chiang Mai Thursday Stableford
22-Feb-18 Mae Moh Thursday Best Ball 2 man teams
23-Mar-18 North Hills                                   Friday The International
19-Apr-18 Gassan Legacy Thursday Stableford
24-May-18 Gold Canyon Thursday Stableford
21-Jun-18 Royal Chiang Mai Thursday Sanuk Sabei vs. CMSG (to be confirmed)
26-Jul-18 Green Valley Thursday Stableford
23-Aug-18 Gold Canyon Thursday Scramble
20-Sep-18 Inthanon Wednesday Stableford
8-Oct-18 Lanna (Annual Tournament) Monday Stableford
12-Oct-18 Maejo (Annual Tournament) Friday Stableford (possible course change
17-Oct-18 Inthanon (Annual Tournament) Wednesday Stableford
19-Oct-18 North Hills (Annual Tournament) Friday Stableford
27-Oct-18 Annual Party Saturday Imperial Mae Ping
13-Nov-18 Santiburi (Chiang Rai Cup) Tuesday Stableford
14-Nov-18 Waterford (Chiang Rai Cup) Wednesday Stableford
20-Dec-18 Hariphunchai Thursday Scramble