North Hill, 16.08.19

There were 18 golfers for today’s Stableford event under overcast skies with the occasional light shower of rain.  Course in great condition even after the recent rains as today’s scores can attest.  The winner with 41 points was Don Bishop who also took out the birdie hole #7 in it’s first week.  Runners up with 39 points were Nigel Stubbs, Jack Cooper, Christian Friis and Andrew Ashton all with 39 points. A bit of slow play in the last group of the day taking five hours for the round and for the sake of those waiting in the club house please give this some careful consideration.  Mr. Park is returning to Korea for a few weeks and we wish him a fond farewell.  Well done to Nigel Stubbs on his birdie at #15 which many of us consider. to be the hardest hole, he has now done it twice. Today’s after game presentation was held in the new “Screaming Eagle” bar downstairs prior to it’s official opening next week but it will be back to upstairs Mix for us next week. Numbers are down in our Monday golf but not just because of the weather but more likely because of recent departures from our regulars.  I have booked two groups for next week but if we continue to struggle to make the numbers I will be cancelling the regular Monday booking for CMSG and leave it for the few regulars to organize themselves.


Christian,Andrew, Don, Jack, Nigel


Maejo: 16.08.19

9 members today with 1 not finishing, reasonable conditions however some atrocious scoring, again most likely due to condition of the rough. In 1st place today with 30 points was Stuart Duncan, 3rd equal were Alex Stewart and Ric Cameron with 27 points


Ric, “Oscar”, and Stuart

Gymkhana, 15.08.19

5 members in today’s 9 hole competition. Tied for 2nd were Nigel Jones and Keith Freeman with 36 points. First was Tom Berger with 37 points. Well done all.

Keith. Tom and Nigel

Maejo: 14.08.19

7 members for our round today, the scores were not to good as the course is playing very hard at the moment, some of which is likely due to the rough which in places is quite long and very hard to play out of, it certainly is a bonus if you can stay on the fairways. Todays results are in 1st place with 33 points was Tom Berger, coming home in 2nd was Jack Kuzina with 28 points.

Just a reminder to ALL, if anyone is interested in joining us in our upcoming Laos trip please contact Jack Kuzina,  We are leaving on the 7th November and returning on the 12th. It is a fun few days days away with some great guys, plenty of swearing, drinking and eating with some golf in between

Tom and Jack

Hariphunchai, 14.08.19

Another 4 ball for today’s strokeplay event. Close on the birdie hole but another roll over. Second was Christian Friis with a nett 78, first was Mr Park with a nett 77.

Christian and Mr Park

Maejo: 12.08.19

Only 5 members today, the course was again quite busy so we all started on number 10 for a quick back round, the front 9 however was a different story with many groups ahead of us. Todays winners are in 1st place with 34 points was Mike Roycroft and coming home in 2nd place was Tom Berger with 33 points


Tom and Mike

Lanna, 12.08.19.

Only 8 members today and some atrocious scoring!!! No takers for the birdie hole. In third with 29 points was Allan Gariano. Second was Kenny Jones with 30 points. Today’s winner was Peter Brown with 31 points. Well done all.

Kenny, Peter and Allan

Maejo: 09.08.19

10 members and 1 guest for today’s stableford round, 1 DNF, CBF left the rest of us playing in great conditions although very humid. A strange face today was that of Calvin Davis who has just rejoined our group after a year or so off. Our results today are, in 1st place with 36 points was Mike Roycroft, 2nd with 31 points was Kuzie and in 3rd with 28 points was Tom Berger

Tom, Mike and Kuzie

North Hill, 09.08.19.

18 members for today’s stableford in lovely golfing conditions. The long standing birdie hole went to Leon Smiler, well done. In third today was Roland Feraud with 37 points. Second was Mr Park with 38 points. Today’s overall winner was Lamyai Praesarn with a great 40 points. Congratulations all. We look forward to welcoming Garry back next week.

Mr Park, Roland, Lamyai and Leon.

Barefoot Mr Park. (Not to be confused with the film of a similar name).

Maejo: 07.08.19

7 members and 1 guest for our round today, the conditions today were ideal however things were still wet from the few days of rain recently.  Welcome to Paddy who played a round with us today, a potential new member. Our winners today are in 1st place with 36 points was Mike Roycroft and coming in 2nd with 35 points was Kuzie.

Hariphunchai 07.08.19.

A very enjoyable four ball today in perfect golfing conditions. No takers for the birdie hole but two good chances. Today’s winner was Julian Wing with 34 points, second Ronnie Peters with 31 points. Well done.

Ronnie and Julian

Lanna, 05.08.19

9 brave souls paid and went out for strokeplay on courses 3 and 1. 7 even braver ones completed the course. No takers for the birdie hole. In third was Leon Smiler with a nett 76, Today’s joint winners were Oil and Keith Freeman with nett 74’s. Well done all and dry out soon!

Leon, Oil and Keith.

Maejo: 05.08.19

Only a few turned up this morning, we decided to call it quits and go home due to the constant and heavy rain

Maejo: 02.08.19

Only 5 members for our round today, some pretty low scoring saw our winners with scores of 29 and 27 to embarrassed to have there photos taken


North Hill, 02.08.19

8 members and one late arrival for today’s stableford Nassau. We wish Russell Banks bon voyage and good luck at his new profession as a publican in England. Good luck. Neil Boyd has had a stroke and is currently in hospital in Chiang Rai. We wish him a speedy recovery. No takers for the birdie hole, another roll over. A reminder that no golf is available at North Hill on monday. Come to Lanna, stroke play on courses 3 and 1. Today’s result left 5 people in the prizes! Taking the front nine were Yung Beece and John Neilsen with 18 points.  The back nine was shared between Bill Whitsett and Nigel Stubbs with 18 points. Today’s overall winner was Barry Ralston with a great 40 points. Well done all.

Nigel, Bill, Yung, John and Barry

Gassan Legacy, Away Game 01.08.19

19 members turned out for our away game today, unfortunately Neil Boyd informed me late last night he was in Hospital in Chiang Rai after suffering a stroke that we hope is mild. Our best wishes to you Neil for a speedy recovery. We arrived after leaving home in steady rain to find it clearing at the course, and we had a rain free day on the course. Gassan Legacy was in great condition with very good greens.

Todays format was a 4 person Irish Ball Competition and enjoyed by all. Nearest the pins were 7th hole Serge Arnaud, 12th hole Smiley Hadden and on the 18th hole Jomo MacDermott.

Second team today with 76 points were Leon Smiler, Mr Park, Soren Neilson and Smiley Haden and our winning team with 80 points was Aom Teisl, Randy Teisl, Lesley Mullun and Yung Beece. Well done to all.

Mr Park, Leon, Lesley, Smiley, Aom, Yung and Randy